Lean and Green Kids sponsored the first ever legislation calling for daily plant-based vegetarian school lunches, the CA Healthy School Lunch Act, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 16 (ACR 16, 2003). New York, Florida and Hawaii followed suit.  Most recently, the CA Department of Education Nutrition Services has created comprehensive resources to assist schools in meeting the goals of the Healthy School Lunch Act. Click here to learn more. 

The resolution was endorsed by every major health organization, as well as the CA State PTA, The Federation of Student Councils and the CA Superintendent of Public Instruction. See endorsements.

LGK founder, Barbara Cole Gates, currently serves regularly on two local school wellness councils. Most recently (Fall 2017) she participated in updating the Oceanside Wellness Policy, adding language to the policy that aligns with ACR 16 to increase plant based school lunch options.

Past work on the Oceanside School Wellness committee led to the introduction of "lean and green" plant based lunch options, a national award, and media attention in People Magazine!  

If you are a parent, caregiver, food or health professional, LGK encourages you to join our efforts by becoming an LGK partner to advocate on your local school wellness committee. 


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