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Nutrition education to change the world!

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Lesson Two.

Eating Lean and Green with Natural and Organic

In lesson two, students learn about the different food groups, and what makes them “natural” food choices. They learn how healthy and organic soil is created, and why it grows healthier plants - and people!  View sample pages.

Children's Books

Lesson One.

What Does it Mean to Eat Lean and Green? 

In lesson one, students learn that healthy choices are key for a strong body, sharp mind and happy spirit. They are introduced to the concept that food choices can have an impact on the environment.  View sample pages.

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Bonus & Enrichment

Jack and the Bean STEW

...a whimsical tale, affirming kind deeds and BEANS for protein!  The final pages include a brief nutrition science lesson, making this book a clever and creative teaching tool for promoting the health and earth-friendly benefits of choosing beans for protein. View sample pages.

Jack and the Bean Stew BOOK
Combo Pack, BOTH Books
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Dear Educator (or friend of an educator),  
With the Eating Lean and Green nutrition education program, children will learn about healthful eating in a holistic way, with consideration for the environment and animals (wild and farm). LGK believes this honest and integrative approach is key for meaningful and lasting behavior change.

Curriculum in development, launching Fall 2020!

View sample pages for K-1.

Each of the three lessons (grades K - 3) has five components:

  1.  Reading chapters with discussion guide, of LGK's original book,       Eating Lean and Green with Super Foods to Save the Planet!      (Power Point slide show version also available). 
  2.  Fast and fun nutrition trivia
  3.  Worksheets
  4.  Easy food prep & taste-testing activity
  5.  Letter home to parents w/plant-based meal recipe (English/Spanish)

Lessons meet National Standards for Health, Next Generation Science, Language Arts Common Core, as well as California’s Environment & Education Initiative (EEI) and CA State Humane Education Standards.

Lesson Three.

PLANT POWER for Eating Lean and Green

In lesson three, students learn plant-foods are the foundation for growing up strong, smart and happy. They learn that super plant-foods unlock their super powers to help save the planet!​​  View sample pages.

Eating Lean and Green BOOK