Engage students and help reinforce the lesson with a taste testing or food prep activity. One simple idea - to emphasize beans as the "lean and green protein" - is to allow students to "dissect" a bean pod (edamame) or pea pod (sugar snap peas). 

 If you're up for an easy (no cook) food prep activity,  kids love creating a "lean & green bean wrap," taking pride in making their own delicious and healthy culinary creation! ​We're here to guide and support you. Email info@leanandgreenkids.org to begin planning your "Eating Lean and Green" youth presentation!

Also from Lean and Green Kids,  

Jack and the Bean STEW

A clever and whimsical tale, affirming compassionate and kind deeds - and Bean Stew! The book includes a brief nutrition science lesson about beans as a healthful and earth-friendly protein choice, as well as a recipe for Bean Stew!  Size: 8.5"x 9​  View sample pages  

Bring our heartwarming and food-focused fairytale to the kids and students in your life for a positive, hands-on and totally engaging nutrition education experience!  Click here to view sample pages. 

$12.00.  Paperback,  8.5"x 9​ 

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$12.00.  Paperback,  8.5"x 9​ 

Eating Lean and Green

   Eating Lean and Green with Super Foods to Save the Planet is a fresh and smart approach to educating kids about their very own "super power" when it comes to food choices. Mrs. Gates has created a simple formula, supported by beautiful and engaging photographs, that is sure to activate a child's enthusiasm for eating "lean and green" - and compassionately with plant-based meals. This book is an excellent addition to every parent or teacher’s bookshelf.  Neal Barnard, M.D., F.A.C.C. President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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Jack and the Bean Stew BOOK

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Eating Lean and Green BOOK

With Super Foods to Save the Planet

 Beautiful photographs of food, children, animals and nature convey a simple, yet empowering message to kids:  Every individual has the super power to make a difference for animals & the planet... eating "lean and green!" 

Kids learn that eating "lean and green" is delicious and easy, with three simple steps,

  1) Choose natural foods,    2) Choose organic and    3) Choose mostly plants! 

Click here to view sample pages.​

Eating Lean and Green Nutrition Curriculum in Development!
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