Asian Wrap Recipe

December, Hanukkah / Middle East - GARBANZO

Rockin' Moroccan Chili

​Fantastic Falafel

Chicks for World Peas Salad/Wrap

April, Earth Day - COOL BEANS around the World

Tantalizing Tacos

Scrumptious Sloppy Joe's

Cool Beans n' Beyond Pasta Bake

Cool Bean Recipes  - WINTER 

School Lunch Recipe Collection

  BEANS, the lean and green protein!* 

Each recipe in the collection features a “Cool Bean of the Month,” which can link classroom to cafeteria, with a timely social studies topic (see below), enriching the lessons, and fostering a curiosity and appreciation for our global community. 

Lean and Green Kids wants to support teachers and school food professionals working hard to make more healthy, plant-based school meals a successful part of a comprehensive education experience, and towards that goal, we have created several food education resources, including cafeteria banners and our fun, easy and free  Daily Scoop multi-cultural ​nutrition education program!

​Beans  are cool for so many reasons... they’re versatile, economical, multi-cultural, a superfood and a super green protein! 

*Currently, beans (including tofu & bean burgers) are the allowable whole food, plant-based meat-alternate protein in the National School Lunch Program.

Cool Bean Recipes  - FALL 

Cool Bean School Quantity Recipes

Cool Bean Recipes  - SPRING 

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May, Mexico & Cinco de Mayo - PINTO

Fiesta Rice Bowl

Enticing Enchiladas

Ensalada Especial Con Frijoles

FebruaryChina / Chinese New Year - SOY BEAN

Amazing Lo Mein

Tasty Teriyaki Tofu Bowl

Exquisite Edamame and Corn Salad

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September, Intro to COOL BEANS

Lean and Green Cool Bean Burger

Pasta Power Salad

Cool & Green Turtle Bean Salad/Wrap

Our Cool Bean School Lunch Recipe Collection is a thoughtfully curated resource to support school nutrition professionals. This selection of kid-tested plant-based recipes has been collected from school nutrition departments around the country - all recipes featuring...

March, India & the Festival of Colors - LENTILS

Spiced Lentil Curry

Shepherd's Pie

Lentil Mash Up Salad/Wrap

January, MLK Day / Soul Food - Black-Eyed Peas 

Lucky Soul Chili Bowl

Black Eyed Peas n' Rice Bowl

​Sweet Potato Soul Salad/Wrap

November, Native American - KIDNEY BEAN

Rainbow Red Bean Bowl

Grateful Harvest Pasta

Three Sisters Salad/Wrap

October, America's Bean - NAVY BEAN

Boston Baked Beans & Baker

Purple Power Wrap

Ship Shape Apple & Grape Salad/Wrap