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   I LOVE the Daily Scoop! Each morning one of my students gets to read the message for that    day on "good nutrition news." It's an important beginning to each day.     Leslie Engel, Elementary School Teacher

February issue, featuring soy beans for the Cool Bean of the Month with cultural connection to China and the start of Chinese New Year.  Recipe: ​"Snap-Pea" Citrus Asian Wrap 

Daily Scoop

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January issue, featuring black-eyed peas for the Cool Bean of the Month w/ a cultural connection to Soul Food from Africa and the American South in honor and recognition of Martin Luther King Day.   

Recipe: Sweet Potato Soul Wrap 

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​​​​​​​​​​The Daily Scoop is a series of fun, consistent and easy to understand daily nutrition tips for kids. Added to the daily school wide announcements or a teacher's opening routine, The Daily Scoop elevates nutrition education to a daily practice, without adding more than 30 seconds to a teachers busy routine. Available to start anytime during the school year. ​​

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WINTER ISSUES available now!

Winter INTRO/start issue  is an introduction issue if you're starting the program in December, January or February. This issue helps to establish key concepts such as Harvest of the Month, Cool Bean of the Month and Eating in Season.

Recipe:  Fresh & Easy Chick Pea Wrap

December issue featuring the garbonzo bean as "Cool Bean of the Month," with cultural connection to Middle East & Hanukkah

​Health Campaign: Let's Move

Recipe: Fresh & Easy Chick Pea Wrap

The Daily Scoop is filled with fun kid-friendly health messages that spiral and build on each other over the course of the month. By making this part of our morning routine, my students have started to own the vocabulary to express how and why they should fill their plates with healthy fruits, vegetables and "cool beans!"   Hillary Rogers, Elementary School Teacher

The Daily Scoop is an excellent way for schools and teachers to infuse “bites” of easy-to-digest nutrition education into each school day. The monthly recipes (in English and Spanish) are a great tool to extend this information out to families, and link what the students hear at school with what they taste at home!  Deirdre Kleske, Co-Chair, Schools & After-School Domain, San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative 

The Daily Scoop has been a fantastic resource for our nutrition education programs across the district.  It easily fits into our Harvest of the Month program, and gives teachers another avenue to connect students with nutrition information.  I love how the tips include a cultural and environmental perspective in addition to the more science-based nutrition tips.  Amy Haessly, Nutrition & Education Specialist, Vista USD