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Thank you for caring about kids, animals and their precious planet!

$25.00 will fund food costs for a classroom taste-testing of plant-powered meal - up to 50 students! 
$35.00 will fund the cost of a beautiful, bold, XL school cafeteria banner, reaching hundreds of students (and teachers) daily, to instill the message: choosing plant-protein saves land, water & wildlife!  

$50.00 will provide our Eating Lean and Green children's book, curriculum and classroom posters for up to five teachers, empowering them to teach better and balanced nutrition, that emphasizes beans, the lean and green protein!  

‚ÄčHonor Roll. 

$100 will fund our interactive, impactful and delicious (we always bring food) Eating Lean and Green *live* education presentation for up to 50 students!

$250 donation makes it possible for LGK to visit multiple classrooms - up to 150 students a day - multiplying our impact to change lives and heal the planet!  

$500 donation makes it possible for us to teach in multiple classrooms on multiple days.

It also helps to cover the cost of outreach events, where we educate and empower educators, community leaders, and health professionals.

Super Hero.  $1,000.00
With a donation of $1,000, you truly are a super hero for kids and their precious planet. You give our mission rocket power, making it possible for LGK to propel change into more classrooms and cafeterias.

  Thank you for joining the good food fight!

LGK plant-based and vegan friendly nutrition education programs / resources are currently reaching thousands of students in school! Our advocacy efforts have influenced policy at the local, state and federal levels, and we simply could not carry on this good food fight without your support! LGK is a tax exempt non-profit. Your donation is tax deductible.