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Individual Membership:  $20.00
Family Membership:  $35.00
Artist/Activist Membership:  $15.00

Honor Roll.  $100.00
With a donation at the Honor Roll level,  you understand that education is key if we are to see the change we envision. With your donation,  our Eating Lean and Green education programs can teach up to 50 students in classrooms and youth groups.  

Educator.  $250.00
With a donation at the Educator level,  you make it possible for LGK to make multiple visits to one or more classrooms, helping us to fortify lessons that will last a life time. 

Principal.  $500.00
When you make a donation at the Principal level,  you make it possible for us to teach in multiple classrooms, while also providing outreach programs that educate the educators, community leaders, and  health professionals at conferences ----- such as the National Obesity Conference.

Super Hero.  $1,000.00
With a donation of $1,000, you truly are a super hero for kids and their precious planet.  You give our mission rocket power, making it possible for LGK to propel change into more classrooms, more conferences and more school cafeterias!   

LGK is a tax exempt 501 c3 charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

​​​Your support will help us carry on the food fight! 

Original artwork, LGK School Cafeteria Poster Project

Thanks for joining the food fight!

LGK has reached over 1,000  students with our classroom nutrition/cooking programs! Our advocacy efforts have influenced policy at the local, state and federal level, including state legislation in four states (CA, FL, NY, HI) calling for plant-based vegetarian meals for ALL students. ​  

Help us fight the good food fight, donate today!