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The Daily Scoop.   Nutrition education in just 30 seconds a day!  The Daily Scoop is a series of fun, consistent and easy to understand nutrition tips to elevate nutrition education to a daily practice.  Learn More. 



From National Conferences to Food Justice Forums to Earth Fair, Lean and Green Kids is there to inform and inspire!   Here are our gorgeous banners that are "on tour" creating awareness, dialogue and change!  Love to see one in your school cafeteria?  Email me:  Barbara@leanandgreenkids.org

High School.  Lean and Green Kids has created a thought provoking and interactive Living your Best LifePower Point Presentation (download sample pages, includes videothat helps high school students understand the power they have as consumers to create social change, and choose healthier, happier life. May include food sampling.  

Elementary.  From classrooms to garden clubs to the Girl Scouts, LGK has empowered children in grades K - 5 to eat lean and green! Watch our video! Nutrition education lessons/activities are centered around our original and beautiful book, Eating Lean and Green with Super Foods to Save the Planet.   with opportunities for plant-based taste testings, such as the delicious Lean and Green Wrap featuring beans for protein!  Book available for purchase - click here!!   

And click here for I Like to Eat Plants early reader/coloring book - free!

Middle School.  An interactive workbook to inspire middle grade students to take control of their health, while creating a greener and happier world for all. Currently being revised. Sign up for newsletter for alerts.

 "My students were more engaged with this lesson than with any other all year!"

Lita Esposito, Middle School Teacher, Oceanside, CA.

LGK nutrition education programs and resources have reached thousands of students...

Teachers love our nutrition education materials and classroom visits, and demand is growing! With your support we'll continue to empower kids to reach their full, powerful potential - eating lean and green! 

Seeking eco-health minded, big hearted change makers...
to hang out/volunteer with adorable elementary kids or strong minded young high schoolers - and talk about eating lean and green for a better and brighter future!   Email: barbara@leanandgreenkids.org​  for more information!

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