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Are you an eco-minded, big hearted change maker? Become an LGK food educator and hang out with adorable elementary kids and/or sassy young high schoolers - and talk about eating lean and green for a better world!


Learn at HOME about healthy eating with ​​Cool Beans from Around the World! Standards based, multi-cultural and eco-focused nutrition curriculum. Students visit wondrous places and learn about wonderful food. Click for more.

the book!
beans school cafeteria poster
Please help us fight the good food fight. Donate today! 

Cafeteria Banners & Posters.  

Bold and beautiful,  promoting plant-based eating for a healthier generation. Currently reaching 50,000 students in over fifty schools!  (Posters 11"x17" / Banner 3' x 4' Email to order a set for your school.

 the Food-Focused Storybook

 A clever and whimsical tale, affirming compassionate and kind deeds...and Bean Stew! Nutrition science lesson and recipe included.   Click for more.


​​the Daily Scoop.  Fun, easy, free... elevating plant-strong nutrition education to a daily practice, without adding more than 30 seconds to a teacher's busy routine.

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the Nutrition Lesson Book & Curriculum

Vibrant photos of kids, food and nature. Changing how nutrition is taught to youth, empowering kids to know they can make a difference with every meal!  Click for more.

Education Programs

& Resources

Education is the key to change, and the heart and soul of our mission. Founder Barbara Gates (a.k.a. Queen Bean) and wonderful staff & volunteers (Princess Pea Pod, Lady Legume, Prince Peanut Butter) have visited hundreds of   K - 12 classrooms with delicious and fun food lessons & cooking activities, and a powerful message: Eating beans for protein helps save animals and the planet! Click here for more about our middle and high school program.

LGK's nutrition education resources make it possible for you to share positive and professional resources with educators, helping to bring plant-focused nutrition education to classrooms and the cafeteria.