The CA Healthy School Lunch Resolution, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 16 

ACR 16 was passed in 2003 with astounding and bi-partisan support; no opposition. Four more states followed suit: New York, Florida, and Hawaii.  The following are excerpts from endorsements for ACR 16 and LGK’s efforts to improve school food, nutrition education, and the health of our precious planet.

Providing plant-based vegetarian school lunches is an important step to help positively influence children with poor eating habits so that they can grow up to make healthy decisions and to live healthier lives.

Jack O’Connell, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, CA

The American Cancer Society guidelines on diet, nutrition, and cancer prevention emphasize a diet with a high proportion of plant foods and limited amounts of meat and dairy...On behalf of the volunteers and staff of the ACS, I am pleased to support Lean and Green Kids and ACR 16...The American Cancer Society

A significant percentage of children who rely on free or reduced price school lunches are considered at risk of diet-related diseases such as some forms of heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancer and other degenerative diseases. AHA recommends that there be greater emphasis in the American diet on plant foods with a reduction in consumption of animal foods.. We support Lean and Green Kids and ACR 16...The American Heart Association

By the time American children have reached the end of their teen years 90% have clear evidence of heart disease... Schools can be part of the solution. Our 100,000 members applaud California’s decision to provide healthier, plant-based menu choices in school lunch programs... Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Of the estimated 2.2 million individuals in California who have diabetes, an increasing number are children, who are developing Type 2 diabetes at an alarming rate due, in large part, to obesity caused by poor nutrition.  Plant based meals are an excellent option for children who are at risk for diabetes. Diabetes Coalition of California

Recent childhood obesity, diabetes and asthma statistics are alarming and call for a resolution like ACR16.  The time has come for school nutrition to reflect current nutrition science. Shifting children’s eating patterns to one of a healthy plant centered diet will protect against disease, behavioral problems, and allergies...Asthma Education and Resource Council

We support efforts to provide healthy and varied meals in the school nutrition programs... a positive step towards combatting the epidemic in childhood obesity...We support Lean and Green Kids and ACR 16. The CA State PTA

We believe that students should have the option of vegetarian/vegan school lunches. In addition, plant-based vegan lunches  could provide a healthier alternative for all students... American Federation of Teachers

Offering plant-based vegetarian school lunches would be a giant step toward healthier students, and would not only benefit students during their time in the education system, but might also foster good eating habits that will serve students well into the future...CA Association of Student Councils

For  the negative environmental effects of waste and pollution generated by giant livestock farms and animal feed lots; the destruction of public land by cattle and other animal grazing; and for antibiotic, hormone, and pesticide use on “food” animals and their residues in meat, we believe that vegetarian school lunches should be a “right” for students. We strongly support LGK and ACR 16...Natural Resources Defense Council

There are serious ethical questions raised by the manner in which animals are reared on factory farms, and many young people are opposed to the mistreatment of the animals... Individuals who object to these practices should not be forced to sacrifice their principles or go hungry. On behalf of our 830,000 members... I write in support of LGK and ACR 16.  
Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO, Humane Society of the United States

We believe that applying spiritual values to scientific knowledge encourages plant based diets, with major benefits for humans, animals and the environment.  We also believe that children should learn about compassionate living.  For these reasons and more, we strongly endorse LGK and ACR 16...Society for Ethical and Religious Vegetarians.