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Eating Lean and Green BOOK

$12.00.  Paperback,  8.5"x 9​ 

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Jack and the Bean Stew BOOK

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​​I Love Jack and the Bean Stew!  The story not only creatively weaves allusions to various fairy tales into the story, it sends a powerful message -- be kind -- in a down-to-earth, kid-friendly, yet very powerful way.  Fabulous illustrations, too!  Jason Folkman, Parent & Teacher

​​​​Jack and theBean STEW

              Jack and the Bean Stew is a whimsical tale, affirming compassionate and kind deeds - and BEANS for protein!  The final pages include a bean stew recipe and a brief nutrition science lesson, making this book a clever and creative teaching tool for promoting the health and earth-friendly benefits of choosing beans for protein. 

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Lean and Green Kids

        Engage students and help reinforce the lesson with a bean taste -testing (edamame) or food prep activity. Kids love making  "Queen Bean's Stupendous Bean Stew" (easy assembly, no chopping), creating an opportunity to feel pride in making their own delicious, healthy culinary creation! 

We're here to guide and support. Email info@leanandgreenkids.org   to begin planning your "magical bean stew" youth presentation!

Also from Lean and Green Kids,  

Eating Lean & Green with Super Foods to Save the Planet

Vibrant photographs of children, food and animals compliment the simple, yet empowering message: YOU have the super power to help save animals & the planet with with every meal!

A fresh and smart tool for teaching nutrition to grades K-3, the book outlines three simple steps for "eating lean and green - good for you and the planet too..." 1) Choose natural food, 2) Choose organic (whenever possible) and 3) Choose mostly plant foods - especially beans for lean and green protein.   View sample pages.