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wrap with navy beans
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"Snap-pea" Citrus Asian Wrap   (Feb.)
Asian inspired, this super easy edamame wrap combines sweet, fresh & "umami" (deliciousness). 

Three Saucy Sisters Wrap  (November)
"Three Sisters" brings together hearty Native American harvests.  One word: Gratitude. 

Good Karma Reuben
The deliciousness of tacos with the nutritiousness of an enselada and holy guacamole!

Asian Wrap Recipe

Ship Shape Apple & Grape Wrap   (Oct.)
Sweet and savory, featuring the classic American bean that got its name for nourishing our sailors. 


Holiday Recipe

This recipe was created to uphold a delicious and golden brown main course, while sharing grace with family and farm animals.

Lunch Lab

Cool & Green Turtle Bean Wrap (April)
An exotic wrap  to save our oceans and have you day-dreaming about swimming with sea turtles. 

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Indian Curry Mash-up Wrap (March)

A blend of mashed potatoes, peas & lentils drizzled in sweet curry sauce for delicious good karma.

The following wrap recipes were developed for whipping together delicious lunches with simple & kid-friendly ingredients. Each recipe includes a fruit, vegetable, grain, & "Cool Bean" for lean and green protein. The recipes align with LGK's original kid's nutrition education program, the Daily Scoop, and provide a fun and easy classroom nutrition/culinary activity.

Fiesta Taco Salad   (May)
The deliciousness of tacos with the nutritiousness of an ensalada and holy guacamole!

Peanut Butter and Banana Burrito

A fun way to get fresh fruit and protein packed nut butter, for the silly monkey in all of us. You've got the idea now. Your turn to get creative!

Chick Pea Salad Sandwich 
Similar to a chicken salad sandwich, but in our version the chickens get a break. 

​​Chicks for World Peas Wrap   (Dec.)
Chicks and dudes alike agree eating chick peas is the key to world peas. 

More delicious bean based recipe ideas for quick, easy & healthy  wrap style school lunches!  Cool Beans.

LGK nutrition education in schools.

We're changing the way kids eat so we can

change the world!

Sweet Potato Soul Wrap   (January)
Featuring Black Eyed Peas and pineapple, with a creamy BBQ dressing to inspire your soul.

Bean Burrito Fresco (Sept.)
A good ol' bean burrito, but fresh and zesty for health, happiness and the urge to throw a fiesta!

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