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Lean and Green Kids

Lean and Green Kids' special focus on beautiful BEANS grew out of the USDA National School Lunch Program (NSLP) regulations, which require every school meal to serve 5 "components:"

  1. a meat and/or meat-alternate (cheese, yogurt, egg, beans
  2. one serving of fruit 
  3. one serving of vegetable 
  4. one serving of (51% whole) grain 
  5. fluid cow's milk, soy-beverage or juice alternate available upon request 

Beans are the only allowable plant-based meat-alternate (including tofu & bean burgers). 

LGK believes that most school food professionals would love to serve more bean based meals, but their challenges to accomplishing that goal are real - namely a huge cultural shift towards embracing plant-based eating.

It begins with education, delivered to open hearts & fertile minds! 

That is why LGK has created several nutrition education programs & resources to support this holistic approach to nutrition education, and is working with school food professionals in a coordinated effort to *link* classroom nutrition education to school cafeteria bean-based offerings! 

Magical Beans