Beans really are magical after all. 

​​Eat Green, Get Lean & Healthy. You're welcome Dr. Oz - for ​the catchy title! This important article,

Eat More Plants, in the June 2017 issue of The Good Life says,   "swapping beans, nuts or veggie burgers for meat means you're dosing yourself with a whole symphony of health promoting substances from plants."

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In 2016, Nations United behind the mission of Lean and Green Kids, declaring 2016 the "International Year of the Pulses" (pulses are beans). The campaign is a global effort to encourage a shift to beans for protein, as a delicious, nutritious and sustainable answer to hunger, biodiversity and climate change. 

Watch video: Year of the Pulses (Beans) 

Book: Pulses, Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future

Lean and Green Kids' special focus on beautiful BEANS grew out of the USDA National School Lunch Program (NSLP) regulations, which require every school meal to serve 5 "components:"

  1. a meat and/or meat-alternate (cheese, yogurt, egg, beans
  2. one serving of fruit 
  3. one serving of vegetable 
  4. one serving of (51% whole) grain 
  5. fluid cow's milk (soy-beverage or juice alternate available upon request) 

Beans are the only allowable plant-based meat-alternate (including tofu & bean burgers). 

LGK believes that most school food professionals would love to serve more bean based meals, but their challenges are real. Lean and Green Kids is working to be a part of the much needed cultural shift to bring plant-based meals into the mainstream.

It begins with education, delivered to open hearts & fertile minds! 

That's why LGK has created several nutrition education programs & resources to support this holistic approach to nutrition education, and is working with school food professionals in a coordinated effort to *link* classroom nutrition education to school cafeteria bean-based offerings! 

Article / video from Atlantic Magazine, explores how food choices, specifically swapping beans for beef, is a powerful way for individuals to take responsibility in the fight against looming climate catastrophe. 

Click here for video.   Click here for article. 

Conservation Magazine explores the hypothetical,  ​What if the Whole World Went Vegan?  Turns out, it's the only scenario whereby global warming is limited to 2 degrees Celsius – considered by many scientists the ultimate climate change limit to avoid the tipping point for climate disaster. Read full article here.

Magical Beans

Here are just a few resources that highlight the "magic" of beans! They really do have super special powers that can save lives and heal the planet!  

In partnership with National Geographic, longevity expert and author of the Blue Zones, Dan Buettner, travels the world to discover where people live the longest and healthiest lives. In these five "Blue Zones" there are 9 lessons, a.k.a. "power factors," that explain what the different populations have in common.  One major power factor: Beans as primary protein source.  In all of LGK's education and outreach efforts, we teach this simple, yet profound lesson!  Click here for key pages of article.

In this important document created in partnership between the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), its first section, A Priority for Change, states "...a movement to place a greater emphasis on healthy, plant-based foods - including plant-based proteins - is the single most important contribution the food service industry can make toward environmental sustainability. Such efforts will also greatly reduce incidence of chronic disease, and, if well-conceived, mark a pathway to future industry cost management and financial success." Read full document.