Living Your Best Life

A live, interactive and impactful presentation for middle and high school students. 

"Living Your Best Life" is based on the principal that healthy choices and helping others are the foundation for living your best life. The program challenges students to think critically about daily personal choices, and teaches strategies for achieving optimal health, while healing our planet.  

What teachers are saying...

The presentation was engaging for both the students and me! The information is "real life" applicable and connects well to the Next Generation Science Standards, particularly the Climate Change performance expectations. The presentation also emphasized other "life lessons", such as healthy eating, environmental stewardship, and compassion. It's amazing how much this one presentation taught my students! 

-Mr. Linke, High School Teacher, Spring Valley, CA. 

My students were highly engaged and had so many questions. They learned so much and, since the presentation, have been sharing with me some of their latest choices to make an impact. Thank you, LGK!  -Mrs. Esposito, Middle School Teacher, Oceanside, CA.

What students are saying...

Your presentation really opened my eyes and I realize what I was doing by eating meat. I will try my hardest to change... and I might even convince my friends to do the same. -Jayden G, High School Student

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, so I just want you to know that because of your presentations today, I’m going to follow my heart eat more vegan. -Joanne N. High School Student

More about the program...


Middle and High School Programs

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The presentation reinforces evidence-based nutrition recommendations that emphasize a primarily plant-based diet for optimal health and disease prevention. We highlight delicious multi-cultural bean/plant-based meals, offer easy and economical ideas to "make-over" traditional meat-based meals, and provide delicious plant protein food samples.

Healthy Kids. Happy Planet.

Lean and Green Kids

The presentation provides a foundational understanding of pressing environmental issues, including global warming, deforestation, and species extinction. Through mainstream research, powerful photos and videos, and student engagement, we explore the profound impact that animal agriculture has on the planet, and discuss sensible solutions for creating change.

Our goal is to provide an optimistic presentation, empowering students to realize that their choices can make a difference towards a healthier, more sustainable and compassionate world. We encourage students to take incremental steps to integrate more and more plant-based meals into their diet, inspiring them to understand that every meal is a vote for a better world. 

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