The Cool Bean classroom / cafeteria posters are a component of LGK's Daily Scoop nutrition education program, which highlights a "Harvest of the Month" and a "Cool Bean of the Month." Each cool bean of the month has a social studies connection, helping to foster an appreciation for plant-foods, as well as our diverse global community. 

"Cool Bean" Stickers



Cool Beans to save the planet!

Combo Pack, BOTH Books

Combo Pack (2 Books & Stickers)


September Poster, Intro to Cool Beans


China - Soybean

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Middle East - Garbanzo Bean

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November, Native American CB - Kidney


Intro to Cool Beans

the book!
Eating Lean and Green BOOK

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​​​Cafeteria Banners & Posters

Bold and beautiful,  promoting plant-based eating 

(Posters 11"x17" / Banner 3' x 4' )



 Native American - Kidney Bean


Jack and the Bean Stew BOOK
the book!

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India- Lentil


Africa- Black-eyed peas

October, America's Cool Bean - Navy


Mexico - Pinto bean


America - Navy Bean

Eating Lean and Green BOOK

Cool Bean of the Month 

Set of 10 Posters



Colorful Posters to compliment LGK's FREE multicultural nutrition education program: The Daily Scoop**

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