From professional education & health conferences, to Earth festivals & Veg Fests, LGK is inspiring individuals to embrace plant-based meals. ​Learn more. 


Educating and empowering youth to create a healthier, greener, and kinder world for all.

We envision a world where our youth thrive in a culture of health, environmental stewardship and ethical food systems. We are dedicated to helping students make conscientious food choices to participate in creating a better future. To accomplish our mission, LGK has three focus areas: Education, Outreach & Advocacy. 


Our education programs teach students that choosing more plant-based meals - with “lean and green” plant protein- can help them reach their full, powerful potential, and give them “super powers” to protect animals and the planet!​ Our eco-nutrition education and culinary programs are reaching thousands of students in grades K-12.

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LGK has its roots in advocacy, spearheading the first ever school lunch legislation calling for plant-based school lunches in California.​

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